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   Bruce Lee Bruce Lee  was among the most influential martial artist of the twentieth century. His martial arts movie Enter the Dragon One of the best martial arts movies(1973) was among the films that brought the genre into mainstream Western credence. His fame also helped popularize Wing Chun, the martial art that he originally trained in, and Jeet Kune Do , the martial art that he later created founded on Wing Chun mixed with additional styles.

Jackie Chan   Jackie Chan, capturing the US market with Rumble in the Bronx (One of the best martial arts movies) (1995) and the 3 Rush Hour movies. He is famous for his blending of martial arts and humorous comedy, but has directed, and starred in over 50 movies of just about all conceivable genres. Despite intense martial arts training from a Chinese opera school, Jackie often tells people that he is an actor.

  Jet Li  Jet Li succeeded in winning the Chinese national wushu championships 5 times in a row before becoming a film star, starting with One of the  best martial arts moviesShaolin Temple.

Donnie yen   Donnie Yen learned wushu and tai chi from at an early age and trained in Beijing.

   Michelle Yeoh   Michelle Yeoh : A dancer turned actress. Had no formal martial arts training.
  Chow yun Fat   Chow Yun-Fat is a Chinese actor from Hong Kong, playing in mostly dramatic martial arts movies.

Westerners who achieved a successful Martial Arts Movies career include:

 Chuck Norris  Chuck Norris learned Tang Soo Do (tangsudo), a martial art akin to taekwondo , while in Korea in addition to his 8th Dan Black Belt in taekwondo. Norris also trained with Bruce Lee. Chuck Norris created the mixed martial art, Chun Kuk Do  
  David Carradine   David Carradine : knew nothing about martial arts until landing the lead role in Kung fu (TV series), after which he developed an acute interest and has become an avid practitioner.

 Cynthia Rothrock was considered "Queen of Martial arts movies". She is an expert in Karate and Kobudo, as well as many Chinese martial arts

    Jean-Claude Van Damme practiced karate,  and Ballet in Europe.

  Steven Seagal is a 7th Dan Black Belt Aikido instructor.

  Wesley Snipes is highly skilled in the art of Capoeira.  

 Jason Statham (born 12 September  is an English  Actor, recognized for his knockout roles in the Guy Ritchie crime films  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels , Revolver.


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